A Better You: Anger Management

Hello loves,sorry for the late post,wanted to but life interfered…… as it always does.
So anyways I wanted to welcome you to A Better You..a weekly feature that talks on self- development ,and other stuffs,so look out for this every Wednesday.
So today on A better you we will be looking at Anger Management
      People are bound to make us angry at any point in time and in any place be it our workplace, school, home etc,and when that happens we are bound to react as well which is natural but it becomes deadly when violence is involved or suicide. So how do we not do things that will make us regret later,or how do we manage our anger.
It starts with self-control and then this little tips I have below:
~Avoid negative people: The first thing in anger management is staying away from people that dim your shine,instead be with people that bring out the best in you and those that make you smile.
~Counting 1-100:This also helps,whenever something or someone gets you upset ,just countdown and before you know it you feel slightly better and calm to make decisions.
~Walking away:Walking away doesn’t always mean you have nothing to say or that you’ve lost no..it means you can’t stand an area full of hate and negativity.
~Do fun things: when you are angry you can do fun stuffs or take a long walk,or go swimming or boxing if you like or do something you didn’t naturally want to do.
  These are the few I can remember for now☺,I will be back with more.
I hope this tips have helped you in one way or the other.
To you my readers,how do you personally deal with anger or negativity.


12 thoughts on “A Better You: Anger Management

  1. When I am really pissed off or frustrated…I’d rather leave the place for a moment and cool down. I’d let my emotion settle first and then go back and deal with the “issue”. I try to be impersonal as much as possible and focus more on the “WHY” rather than the “WHO”…this usually works for me…AND you have great suggestions,too…Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the great tips! What works best for me is working out. When I’m angry I will go running or walking and usually by the time I get back I have cooled down.

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  3. I think walking away from a situation is the best way for me. I think you can get sucked into saying things you don’t mean and if you just give it a minute away, you both can think clearer.

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