Black Canary 1

Welcome my loves to a lovely morning, afternoon ( as I am in), or evening .Since this is Friday means it is time for me to introduce you to the newest feature on the blog FAN-atic Friday where we will be basking in fandom ( hehe)

Okay to start off this feature is My personal favorite and if you are a fan of Green Arrow and Legend of Tomorrow you’ll know her she’s the  one and only Black Canary

There she is and I don’t mean Black Canary as Laurel Lance but Sara Lance.

What?? She was also on the Queen’s Gambit and plus it’s not fair that we let Oliver tell his story now is it.

I won’t be doing this alone because well I don’t know the whole story so I will be joined by Sara to tell us her story.

Debbie: Welcome Sara!

Sara: Thank you Debbie ,and thank you for this opportunity.

Debbie: You’re welcome Sara *smiling*

Sara: *laughs* So where do I start as there is nothing much to say about me . oh well I am the second and last child of the Lance family, my dad is a detective at Starling City and mum a professor .After my accident my parents got divorced my mum moved to Central City ,I am also a sibling to Laurel who is regarded as the “the brightest in the family” and yes I was casted by Caity Loiz who played me really well

Enough of  that after the Queen’s Gambit sank I spent days floating in the sea before I was pulled to safety by a group of pirates led by Ivo who was after the mirakuru in Japanese that means miracle and it was during this time that I encountered Oliver who had also survived after the Accident again he helps escape Ivo and his men.

Oliver had made friends with Shadow and Slade Wilson ,well as we tried to survive the island ,Slade got infected with the Mirakuru while Shado got killed by Ivo due to Oliver’s attempt to save me .The mirakuru was taking its toll on Slade and despite Oliver using the cure he had to save Slade he chose to kill him ( a grave mistake that came to haunt us after)

We got separated again after the ship we were on exploded . This time I was rescued by the league of Assassins and taken to Nanda Parbat .

To be continued……..

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