All fun and games||Book Review

        Title: All fun and games 

        Author: Tomi Adesina

         Published: EBook 

         Year of Publication: 2014

         Pages: 176

       Source : Downloaded

       Genre: African Fiction

       Rating: 5 stars


 A fiction that looks into the life of the young dashing and successful CEO ,Aisha Bello as she tries hard to secure her inheritance from her father  Alhaji Bello.With help from her close friend and confidant Moira,Aisha plots a lie to deceive her dad into believing she’s found the love of her life,Craig and releasing her inheritance and this starts out perfectly well…….until it becomes real .

Love takes over.


  • “In business the main focus is on the player,not the consignment to be purchased”.
  • “It’s all fun and games till we fall in love.”

 My thoughts

This is is my second book by Tomi Adesina,so once I knew it was free I immediately downloaded it ,so now on to the review 

Writing Style:  The book is written in the third person Narrative, which I love in a book and also Tomi’s writing style is easy to follow and paced as it kept me turning pages.

Character Development: I loved the Character development in this book, especially in the main character Aisha , as she struggles to let go of the past and give love chance. The book gives us a transformation of a cold Aisha to a fun loving and warm Aisha.

Themes: Love is the most important theme in the book ,with Friendship coming next ,I especially loved how the author made Moira tolerant of Aisha ,maybe because she knew that’s why but it was amazing ,this theme can also be seen in Craig and Bolu as well.

Another important theme is the theme of Letting Go ,we shouldn’t always let what happens in life define who we are or we become .

Overall Thought : This was an amazing read as I loved every bit of it and would recommend it to anyone and also Thank you Tomi for this amazing book.

So before I finally take my leave have you read this book,what are your opinions about it Speak your mind!!  

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Until next time 


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