Gaining the Gentleman||Book Review

Title: Gaining the Gentleman

Author: Eleanor Meyers

Publication/Year: 2016

Pages:330 pages 

Genre: Historical Romance

Rating: If I could give this book all the star in the world I would for now 5 .

Summary: Christa’s world turns upside down the day she agrees to be on a scavenger Hunt for a hidden jewel .She doesn’t know it will be a mystery full of murder and carnal inclinations .What is even more shocking is the man who comes to her aid – Joseph .She has loved him for a long time, but he has never reciprocated .Will Joseph fall for her this time ? Can they survive the darkness of the scavenger hunt?

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“You can never be nothing when you are everything.” 

My thoughts

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

This is the third book in the Warrington Series ,it was quite difficult for me to read this since I hadn’t read the other one’s,oh well onto to the review

Plot: The story is set in the 18th century ,gives you that feel of it when reading the book,very romantic with a mysterious twist,and a little slice of shocking revelations before it gets to the ending, overall I loved the plot so sad to finish the book.

Writing style: This book is written in third person narrative ,which each character telling their own story, very simple and easy to read .

Character Development : I loved watching the characters of Christa and Joseph develop in the story,but the character I related the most with is Christa and her changes in the book.

Themes: This book has a lot of lessons we can learn from ,the most important being Love ,which is clearly seen in the Character of Christa and Joseph. Not forgetting Change ,Acceptance ,Social Status and many others

Overall Thought: This was an amazing read as I said before ,I recommend this book to anyone who loves Historical Romance with a slice of mystery

Thank you Eleanor for this amazing book

About the Author

Eleanor Meyers is an Indie Author of Historical Romance novels. Her books are clean and poignant based in the Regency Era
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