Tbr Challenge #1&2

Hey bookworms, welcome once again to my blog as promised on my blog the #1000 book challenge,and I will  be using this to read through my never ending tbr list which I know is every bookworms problem and leave a mini review for each of them so let’s get started ……

During the weekend I successfully finished two ebooks ,and they are The Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a not- so – Glam TV Star by Rachel Renée Russell and The Brenda Diaries by Margo Candela which I thoroughly enjoyed,here are some mini reviews of each of them 

The first is 

The Dork Diaries 7:Tales from a not-so-Glam TV Star;  Welcome back to the world of Nikki Maxwell in this hilarious series as she juggles enemies,embarrassing families, Owning her own show,school and everything in between…. It’s always hilarious with Nikki.

A very exciting read ,loved every bit of it.     5 flowers💠💠💠💠💠

And the other one

 The Brenda Diaries by Margo Candela: Meet Brenda ….The temp with an excellent work ethic and a bad attitude. Working assignment all around Los Angeles ,her boyfriend and best friend who competes for her attention while she spends a little too much time  on a guy she met on a job ,but she’s positive that she can handle it all …..Read all about the details in her not so tidy life.

  4 flowers💠💠💠💠        

Hope you enjoyed this ? What are you reading?

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