It’s the cycle of friends ….

” Friends come and go ,friends come and go ,go like the seasons 

Cause friends come and go ,friends come and go without a reason ” – Bebe Rexha (F.F.F)

This song resonates how I feel about friends ,one of the hard truth that change is inevitable and one that happens in people’s life , Over the years I have lost friends due to distance or the fact that my friendship with that person was over ,the person had moved on to other things or met other new people ,and in the same light I have made new ones ,people I consider family but then that fear of uncertainty of the future creeps in and then what else ?

But really tho ,this is something that really baffles me ,why is it that people you consider your family ups and leaves just because you’re not in the same vicinity and the next maybe out of polite consideration or reasons best known to them come up to you when you bump into them in a party or a new place .

Just as I’ve grown up and learnt you can’t force love and you definitely cannot force friendship ,I’ve also learnt that 

1. My Now friends aren’t always my forever friends : Even if I do want them to be ,life has other plans ,I learnt this the hard way with a close friend of mine ,we were so close friends that I thought we would be inseparable but life came knocking -school and whatnot and soon she changed ,our frequent message turned infrequent until they were no more ,with that I’m learning to cherish all my friendships I have now ,in case they fade ,they will become sweet memories and not ” I wish I had done this or that” .


2.  Quality over Quantity : Loyalty matters a lot : Quality ( the standard of something when it’s compared to other things like it ) not Quantity (an amount or a number of something) is my second philosophy in life ,I’d rather have one friend who brings out the best in me ,who I can count on to have my back ,than sooo many people who don’t know a thing about me .It’s funny how when you grow older you realize that loyalty is key when making friends and not the popularity of high school we used to thrive to get 

3 . There is a friend for every season and time ,each person is there to teach you something : Going through Life I’ve realized that man is not an island ,you meet people ,people who will shape you positively or negatively ,people who are toxic and those who help you to bloom and realize your full potential 

In all this ,the utmost lesson I learnt from friendship is to always surround myself with people who will help redesign me ,who will help me be the best version of myself I know I haven’t been a good friend myself to others but I strive to be one 

Cherish the friends you have 

Love ,laugh and Live 


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