Dear Me

Hey babe ,

Your finally 22, 18 year old us is probably dancing right now and now you can rest abi.

First off , I’m so proud of you, the way you handle crisis with panic…calm down sometimes girl, the way you read meaning into things please this 22 let’s do less of that and then own up to it with grace and humor that’s crazy and my did 21 bring a lot of craziness and I’m so proud of how you continually hold it down with grace and smiles, Girl I know they’re people you’re about to give up on because you feel they don’t deserve it but please don’t..Don’t put all your faith on others but on you and on the Lord.

With that said i feel like this is a good time to apologize for how i treated you in years past , for how i made you let people that weren’t worth it bring you tears or made you not stay true to yourself or made you feel like you had to live up to anyone’s expectations…I’m sorry and I’m trying and hoping to do better, to not feel guilty unnecessarily or listen to what you want and continue to apply tough love for areas were you’re slacking at, to be your ride and die and your best friend

My prayers for you this new age is that you continue to be Content ,to Never ever compare yourself to anybody , Be you , Be real, Communicate because no-one is a witch doctor, to take corrections without feeling stupid and Trust the process always it always works out and to continually be a student, stepping out of your comfort zone and be grateful .

I love and I’m so proud of everything we’ve done and everything we’re about to accomplish .

And in case you forget just know Your amazing as always and you’re a wonderful daughter,sister and friend

Happy Birthday once again Debs

Welcome to another chapter of your life

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