4 years ago


4 years ago i was scared as hell starting this little place of mine, I’m still scared a bit but it’s not as it was 4 years earlier but here we are still growing, still learning and still thriving

My how time flies 😲πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

My baby is 4 years old and that’s so exciting and crazy as well.

I look back at my old posts and I’m in mind-blown about how time has flown by, like so much has happened in the last 4 years like and I’ve changed with it all.

Some that i can think of are…..

1. I’ve switched my blog name more than I care to count and I’m switching it again , for the last time hopefully 😁

2. I’ve learnt new skills like photography and graphics which is crazy

3. This blog keeps the creative part of me flowing and helps me practice writing more, I’m writing like i talk which is just wow, my drafts is filled with ideas that I’m still working on and hopefully i can share them with the world as well.

4. The amazing community on here is just everything….thank you soo much for flying with me …see what i did there

So to celebrate I’m doing a full on rebranding on the blog , i was scrolling through my old posts and it was just a mixture of emotions and cringe 😬😬 and i decided some of them needed to go they’ve served their purpose and now it’s time to let go , some posts need to be reused and restarted and re-blogged and reflected on that’s for sure and in all my baby needs to be organized so that’s how I’m celebrating.

Same also goes for my second blog who I’ve sorta abandoned , not intentionally though but it also needs some adjusting as well.

So keep your eyes out for these things

Hopefully i can serve you better and hopefully you leave my site feeling encouraged and that feeling like you just had a good conversation with a friend in the coming years..

I honestly can’t wait to see what the future holds for this space but I’m soo excited for them and can’t wait, hopefully you’ll be there as well to see them as well

Thank you for making this journey definitely worth it , i really appreciate you ladies and guys sooo muchhh❀❀❀

P.s so within a whim i created a page where i could design verses and my favourite quotes and lyrics to my heart content so if Pretty pictures are your thing then consider checking out my Design page as well …. Belle in the Word

With that I’ll chat with you in my next post

Wishing all the Love & Happiness

JDebbie πŸŽ€

10 thoughts on “4 years ago

  1. What a lovely blog! I also decided to give my blog a new make over but since I struggle with technology I think it will be a slow process. It made me laugh about how you felt about your old posts, I myself deleted some old posts because I was cringing at mine too. Looking forward to your new blogs and keep on writing 😊

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