March & April in books

The fourth month of the year,gosh where is the time flying to but anyways I’m excited for it and all and i get to discover new gems in the form of books

So let’s get started….

March and April in books…..

In case you’re wondering why 2 months .It’s 2 months because March was a tad bit of a rollercoaster and even at that it looked like i couldn’t just sitdown and read without being distracted and i wasn’t going to give up that easily so i decided to merge them together

So back to In books

In books in case you’re new here ….Hi nice for you to join us ,I’m happy to have you

… In Books is a compilation of all the books read in March &April (in a month) , reviewed or not I’m going to put them here ,with some mini-reviews,quotes and thoughts on the book

So with that said let’s get started

1. Good or God: Why Good without God isn’t enough – John Bevere : This book was such an eye opener to what doing Good especially when God isn’t the reason for the good.

It is also an eye-opener to what being a Christian truly is with practical tips to make you understand the points given, after reading this book i had to re-surrender my heart back to him .

I will definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking a meaningful and deeper relationship with the Lord and a book I’ll definitely be keeping around for that daily remainder.

2. Believing God – Beth Moore : I first heard about Beth Moore from the God is Grey Channel when Brenda was adressing an issue that involved her and in typical Debbie fashion, i googled her up and learnt she was a pastor and author ,so i went further by going to my trusted book app to see if they had anything on her and Believing God was one of the books they had by her that was available

I only have one word after reading this book and that is wow …my soul has never felt more motivated to continue believing God despite it all and through the help of 5 faith statements that are my wallpapers.

I will definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to strengthen their faith or that little encouragement to keep believing when life isn’t going according to plan.

3. The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying : A life Transformed by the Deathly Departing – I have no words for this book but wow,this book was such a gentle reminder and an eye-opener that a fulfilled life is not about the big things but the little things.

I really learnt a lot from this book and will definitely recommend this book to anyone

Good or God: John Bevere

4. Anxious for Nothing – Max Lucardo : this book is such a blessing in disguise with the storm of Covid-19 still raging on and affecting everyone in it’s path ….i typed this march 25 when it was at it’s peak.

This book couldn’t have come at the perfect time , it teaches you with practical and relatable stories on learning to trust and Being C.A.L.M despite it all

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking peace of mind and a place of shelter from the storm of life .

5. A Christian in a Non-Christian World- Charles Seet : A Christian in a Non-Christian world is a book filled with pratical tips on living for Christ today. It’s a book I’d definitely recommend to any Christian looking to live for his glory daily.

There you have it all my reads for March and April

I enjoyed every single one of them and i felt like my faith really grew from this

So over to you’ll

What books did you read this April? Any favourites…. pop them in the comments below I’d really love to know?

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