To new books & a little Update //May & June in Books

Soo me in bookshops and online 不不不// source: Pinterest

That quote is so me 不不不不不

Meanwhile hey you guys it’s been a while since i was on here and I’ve missed you all and it’s June so it’s time for In books because that’s all I’ve been doing burying myself with books.

Oh how i love this series it helps me discover new books and to read more which is super helpful for my never-ending tbr pile

So much books to read anywhos

If you’re new here In books is

…. In Books is a compilation of all the books read in May (in a month) , reviewed or not I’m going to put them here ,with some mini-reviews,quotes and thoughts on the book

Ever since i started the theme of putting them together and sometimes i kept forgetting thanks to life for March and April I’ve been loving it and so i decided to Merge them again

So May is dedicated to all the books I’ve added on to the pile but kept forgetting to read because there’s another beautiful cover on the shelf and to new books that I’ve recently discovered as well.

And June is dedicated to New finds, with a dash of what book been begging to be read

So without further ado Let’s get on to it

1. City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert : i remember watching Marie Forleo’s chat with Elizabeth Gilbert and thinking gosh i really need to read this book because of the way Marie spoke glowingly about the book and somehow i had and forgot all about it until now .

And this book never disappointed me at all

City of Girls had a way of sucking you in until the last chapter, i personally loved how the book was structured like an answer to the letter asked in the beginning and the way it blended with History throughout the story , i was honestly educated throughout the book whilst falling in love with some amazing characters along the way.

I will definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone, you definitely should read this book if you haven’t already.

2. Sixteen Kisses- Kelly Oram : This book was such a fluffy and light book to read especially after a heavy book .

Overall it was such a light hearted read and made for an easy read and I’ll definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for something light and easy to dive into or to get you out of your reading slump like i was in.

Note : So I foolishly deleted my book app because i had some issues with it, not the best decision I’ve made so i honestly don’t know how this month is going to look like upwards with In books

Just thought I’d put it there ….a little heads up

03/05/2020 ……In recent times since i couldn’t get my app back – I’ll miss you dearly Anybooks btw ….i redownloaded Kobo and Inkitt that i love so much….In books is back and I’m out of data …just great, more book reading and writing i guess

So moving on ….Next up is

3. Shuffle,Repeat – Jen Klein :

This book was more of a re-read for me because i never got to review it when i first read nevertheless it didn’t slow the power of this quickly sucking me in and teleporting me back to High School, although i think i was kinda invisible in high school but oh well.

I loved everything in this book, from the plot which was immensely cheesy and what you’d expect from a YA novel and i particularly had a soft spot for the main character, she was just adorable and witty.

In all this was an amazing read that I’ll definitely recommend you check out.

4. Diary of a Fat girl : Moira Mugeni

Have you ever started a book and didn’t finish it because you were beyond lost that’s what happened to a book i was reading this one, i had never read It’s Book One so it had to go, enough talking let’s focis on Diary of a Fat girl, personally this is more of a re-read for me I’m terrible at reviewing….thank goodness for mini reviews.

Anyways let me give this a read and plus I’m reading another book with this it’s called Love from A-Z and I’m loving it so far so I’ll hop on to give you my verdict on both books hopefully….

It’s a few days later

And I’m reviewing this as soon as i was done reading it so i wouldn’t forget it or something but it was just so amazing, i had few tears in my eyes whilst reading this book , where can I find a Warren and Fred please, because i definitely need them asap

As always I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for something cheesy and light to read and you might want to have a pack of tissue nearby for when the waterworks starts coming on.

5. Love from A-Z: S.K Ali

I tried something new with this review because i planned on posting it on my stories buutttt life happened so here it is

6. Antisocial – Jillian Blake

Oh how i don’t miss High School one bit, the drama was something else that I’ve happily forgotten but Antisocial had a way of pulling me back there.

This book was more of a re-read for me and one i almost DNF like the previous book.

One thing i enjoyed about this book was the way it highlighted the good and bad of social media and the importance of friendship no matter what and how everyone wants to be popular * in Lorde’s Voice*

So would i recommend this book ; Not really but it’s good in it’s own unique and twisted way that’s for sure

7. Breaking Free – Elena Aitken : Ever read a book that made you want to close it asap but you have nothing interesting to read so you keep reading it anyway that was breaking free for me

This book got me in all my feels and i couldn’t help but cheer on the Main character as she decided to discover herself and discover hidden truths .

8. Past Crimes- Ashley Gardener :

Reading this books makes me feel like I’m taking a crash course in Historical Thriller,which is what these novellas are about with characters that are amazing and hilarious, I’m looking at you Leonidas so if you like History with a dash of Thriller I’m sure you’ll enjoy these novellas as much as i did.

Honestly this is the first I’ve read of this author but after the first novella i was hooked till the end

9. Calculated Deception – K.T Lee : Mystery and thrillers are genres I’m gradually coming to love and this book just feeds that but with a little inside peak at who might have done it.

Overall this book was amazing and I’d definitely recommend it anyone looking for something thrilling to read.

There you have it chicas my reads of May/June or rather my May& June in books

I hope you check out some of them especially Love from A-Z by S.K Ali because it is amazing

With that I’ll see you all in my next post and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @lavieenverite because I’m trying to post all my reviews as i read them before compiling them all here


4 thoughts on “To new books & a little Update //May & June in Books

  1. Ah I have missed you lovely, glad to see you back and hope youre well. I definitely like the sound of City Of Girls, I will have to read it & I love the way you styled the love from A-Z review. So cool! Thanks for sharing doll!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s feels good to be back and well, i hope you’re well too and you should definitely read City of Girls
      Thank you for stopping by Jennie


  2. I’m so happy you enjoyed Love From A-Z! I also wish they made a movie of it, lol. The author is working on a sequel to her first book ‘Saints and Misfits’ and apparently Zayneb and Adam make an appearance, so maybe look out for that!

    Liked by 1 person

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