Comparison// poetry

Photo credit: Pexel

Comparison will be the death of me
I know I’m setting myself up for sadness
And Despair
But it feels so good
I am my own worst nightmare and villian
And it’s sad

Comparison will be the death of me
I keep getting in my head
Thinking of how others are more
Talented than me
I can’t even celebrate my wins
Because i keep feeling like an imposter

Comparison will be the death of me
I keep swirling in this pool of fear
I keep doubting myself
And so i limit myself and think
I’m not good enough
But i know i am
I’ve worked too long and hard to get here
Why do i keep discrediting myself?
Why do i keep doubting and filling my head with lies?
Why?, Why?
Are the questions that keep burning me
I know Comparison is the thief of Joy
So why do i keep comparing myself
And putting myself down

I hope you guys enjoyed it

What is comparison to you? Have you ever compared yourself with anyone or anything

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5 thoughts on “Comparison// poetry

  1. This is quite profound! I’d say many of us, whether in subtle ways or otherwise, find the poison of comparison seeping into our everyday lives. I think it’s a matter of being conscious of that and not allowing negativity to be truth in our lives. It shouldn’t get the better of us because we are living, breathing, real people who are so multifaceted and much more than just black and white!


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