The #1 lesson i learnt from completing a self-love challenge

Real Rambles

My vanishing acts are quite something but i promise there are good reasons but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to introduce part of my blog where I’ll be rambling to my heart content 🀣🀣, typing it out here makes it sound selfish

Welcome to the first edition of Real Rambles ..because I’m such a rambler and I’m pretty sure my family is tired of hearing me talk hence this πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Before i get started can i just say Naming things will be the death of me sooner or later … who else has problems coming up with a name for anything and when you do you’re soo picky about it , please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem because it’s a pain in the ass πŸ™„πŸ™„

Moving on , Now if you know me you know i love hanging out with friends catching up about life, who’s getting on our nerves, new guys we’re crushing on because why not πŸ˜€,and that pesky ex that’s trying to get back, new stuffs we’re into, books we’re reading , music we’re loving and of course every wonderful fun thing under the sun we can chat about but thanks to Miss Corona i can’t catchup in real time and I’m bursting with things to share and this new obsession of cocktails is not helping at all so between having a drink in my hand and life still happening, i have a lot to talk about and so i thought to myself why not here on the blog since you’re struggling to be active on here to begin with πŸ™„πŸ™„ we’re getting there and hopefully this could be a podcast someday… πŸ˜‰….hopefully doing this might motivate me to actually start that podcast

And to start things off we’re talking all things πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯(drum roll please) Self-love

So i was working on The Self love challenge before things got real crazy with the Corona Virus and all, but i still managed to finish it off blog because some of them were just too personal and things I wasn’t not ready to discuss about yet but it was just amazing acknowledging this deep seated hurt and regret and i believe acknowledging them is the first step towards forgiveness and healing

So going through the challenge really was an eye-opener for me and other than me getting that much-needed dose of reality check ,it was also a wakeup call for me to prioritise more of this – Inward Checks in my life as well ,sometimes you can get so caught up with giving and the hustle & bustle that you don’t realize you need that break or refuelling as well .

You only give what you have within

Hence the huge discovery i made

So one big lesson i learnt from all of that is

You can only give what you have within

You can’t give outside of that , you can try but it’ll always come up short and forced because it’s not within or maybe you’re just like me who treated people better than i treated myself and one image that comes to mind because i love analogy, there’s just something about bringing things to your daily life that’s so helpful so one of that analogy is a tank when it is filled with water it rushes to every part of the house and can be used but once it’s empty nothing comes out, no matter how hard you turn the tap no water comes out, and to me that’s how i see selflove as love that first needs to be filled up within like the tank before sharing it to other people around but personally the reverse is the case as I’m more gentle, kinder, forgiving with others than myself which let me tell you is being harsh and hard.

One way I’ve tried to curb it is by pretending I’m talking to my friend because let’s be honest if our friend’s said half the things we told ourselves we wouldn’t be friends anymore with that person …. i know i wouldn’t because I’m a sensitive person and with Corona Virus I’ve actually had to live with myself 🀣🀣🀣, i say that because I’ve honestly never spent time with me it’s always go,go, go you know like that roommate you’ve always had bad assumptions of until you’re forced to stay with the person and notice every assumption you had of them was wrong , that’s how it has been for me during this period and I’m really enjoying this season of getting to know Debbie better; what she hates and love, just who she is generally and listen to what she wants

Honestly I’m so glad i figured this out and from now here out I’m trying to be more patient, to be more nicer and gentle with my mistakes and hopefully try to catch myself when the personal critiques start coming in

So that’s it for this Real Rambles

I hope you really enjoyed it,do expect more discussions like this and maybe a podcast because it’s been on my mind for a while buttttt lack of equipments and I’m still figuring some stuff out about podcasting in general and hopefully this blog post motivates to work towards making it a reality… we’ll see

So a little question for you guys that made it down here and btw thank you so much , but i really wanted to know

What’s one selflove tip, you’ve discovered works well for you and what resources are you loving ?

Do leave them in the comments as your girl is still taking major baby steps for this amazing thing called Selflove and till next time

Stay safe

Debbie ❀

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5 thoughts on “The #1 lesson i learnt from completing a self-love challenge

  1. Love! Definitely do that podcast Queen, it will be so authentic and real and I know you have such wonderful positive messages to share with the world that I personally would LOVE to hear!! This post is great hun and it sounds like such a positive time in your life, connecting to yourself and falling more in love with YOU! I love your analogy too, it’s so true! The more love we have within, the more we have to give!
    One way I love to increase my self love is through meditation 😍 I find really filling myself up with that self love through meditation to be so powerful and positive, I also love mirror work and affirmations 😍 thanks for sharing this inspiring blog post gorgeous, so positive!

    Liked by 1 person

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