5th year Anniversary & A Rebrand

So i know it’s a lot of strange to see this blog pop-up on your reader or get an email but I’m still alive and here and being swamped by life but now that i feel like i can breathe well, blogging can enter into my life again and probably evolve it into more. In today’s post i thought I’d appreciate you guys because a day i celebrated 5 years here on WordPress and some changes coming to the blog. I would update you about my life but it’s been extremely boring trying to sort myself out so i can move on to the next level of my life.

So first of what’s new

It’s been 5 years…

5 years of blogging and a rebrand
5 years of blogging
5 year of blogging & A rebrand
5 years of blogging

It’s been 5 years since i started this space and let me tell you firsthand, it’s not been easy growing this space at all. Which i think is because I’m not active as i should be and secondly I’m always second guessing my work and comparing myself to other bloggers plus life it’s a lot but in all I’m thankful for a space to share my experiences and everything in between that I’ve been learning in life and just being creative and rambling is such a blessing . For some month’s I’ve been feeling all over the place with my content and my life and that’s why I’ve been thinking long and hard about the direction i want to take this blog and the content i want to be putting out. It’s sad to bid the type of content i usually put out farewell not really as they’ll still be a part of my Instagram. I’m switching up my content thanks to my life; especially now I’m on this journey of becoming better and learning more about me. I feel my blog should be an extension of that as well.


So as the title read. Changes are coming to Belleofalltrade especially with this new season and awakening of wanting to be a better version of myself and friend troubles happening in my life. I have friends but what do you do when you’re a lil bit friend lonely, or dealing with a friendship breakup, which reminds me why don’t we have enough friendship blogs around. A friendship breakup is equally heartbreaking as a romantic relationship. Just saying tho

With this I’ll still be a lifestyle blogger but with more focus on Personal Development aka On becoming and growing, Friendship & Relationship and Musings, because i always have to add my unsolicited two cents on an issue. A bad habit noone wants to hear but oh well the blog will hear it. All with lots of help from the Word. I’ve hidden my faith from a lot of people and work but it’s time i really start putting it out there and so for this new season of Belleofalltrade. I’ll be sharing all things self-love & self-care, Personal Growth and Relationships all from a Christian perspective which I’m soo excited for because it’s amazing to grow myself and faith and learn The Lord’s thought on some daily issues.

This is new to me so they’ll be gradually popping up on the blog. So i thought I’d do a little heads-up moving forward.

For posting schedules, I’m thinking of making it twice a week or once but we’ll see since my life is just clearing up and I’m still navigating a new season of my life. So I’ll dedicate the week researching and making a helpful content than a wishy-washy one.

That’s all for now

So that concludes my appreciation and rant.

For every single one of you that have supported me on this blogging journey. You guys are the real MVP

Thank you

I’m so grateful for each and every single one of you

Until my next post

Stay Safe

Don’t be a stranger

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