How to stop caring about what people think of you and start living.

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In today’s world, you cannot go a day without hearing opinions and advice thrown your way, whether you asked for it or not. Everyone has a two cents they’d like to give and not that it’s bad and all because sometimes they’re really helpful but other times you just wish they’d give you a break. If you’ve felt that way sometimes or a lot just know you’re not alone on this. Hence this post.

So first thing first

Why do we care about what other’s think about us?

My story

Before the tips start rolling in. That’s a question we should ask ourselves and I’m saying we because I’m in this togther. So you get honest with yourself and write that down. For me I’ve always cared about what people thought about me because i always thought that if they saw me as that good,sweet,caring person then i could be worthy enough to be their friends or finally they would like me enough to consider me their friends and with that I’ve always wondered even when i left high school what this group of people was saying about me until i started watching Youtube videos on personal growth, reading books that helped me and i realised that all these people that I’m busy wondering how they would see me don’t even care about me or what i do so why am i bothering myself and not living but still stagnant in my life because I’m scared of the judgement and I’m even more scared to get out of my comfort zone. The funniest thing is the more you try to make people like you is when they don’t like you at all or they use if you have something they want.

Why do we care?

Based off some research i carried out for this topic and personal experience mostly personal experience. Here are few reasons why people care about what people think about them

  • We care about what people think because we’re human and we want to feel like we belong to a group or feel accepted.
  • We care about what people think because we’ve grown to think that way especially when you’re parent’s constantly say the phrases what will people think ? When you’re doing what they feel is different.

These off my head are some reasons we worry so much about what people will say or think but be sure to add yours in the comments below. Now we’ve gotten that out of the way.

9 helpful tips to stop caring about what people think about you

Here are some helpful tips to stop caring about what people think about you

1. You are good enough

Starting the first tip with the most helpful tip and a reminder. You are good enough, your dreams are good enough. This is one thing I’ve always doubt about myself. If what i have to say is important enough when they’re so many people doing it already.

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2. Strive for progress not perfection

Learn to give grace to yourself for small wins, small blessings. It’s okay to want things to turn out well but this is life and what we think and plan it’s not always going to look and go that way and that’s okay.

3. Take on the challenges

Running never solved anything. Gosh i wish it did but it doesn’t sometimes it makes it worse. So take on the challenges, no matter how scary. Nothing ever happens in the comfort zone right.

4. Accept your flaws

5. Stop taking things personally

This right here is something i want to keep framed in everywhere so i can see it everywhere because if you haven’t guessed then let me tell you i take things personally. Someone has a bad day and feeling moody. I assume it’s because of something i said or did even if i haven’t seen that person in hours. So an advice stop taking people’s insecurities or point of view personally.

6. Stop asking for people’s approval or opinion

7. Accept that not everyone will like you

Accept that not everyone will agree with you and that’s okay.

8. Not everyone cares what you do like you make them out to

When i left high school and for a majority of my life in college i made decisions based on what people would think about me and what they would say. It’s not after a while back that i realised these people don’t care about what i didn’t or do at all.

9. Stop feeling like everyone is out to get you

There you have it 9 ways to stop caring about what people think about you. Before you leave this post.

Do you care about what people think about you and if so what are your tips to stop caring and live life fully. Let me know in the comments below

Till my next post

Take care and Stay safe ❤

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