9 surefire ways to stop comparing yourself to others and just live

” Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else”

Judy Garland
Image credit : Pexel

Comparison is the act of comparing yourself to other people, other people’s situation and experiences.

Comparison is the thief of Joy

This is one of the most famous quotes on comparison and it’s so true. Have you ever noticed that the amount of time spent in comparing yourself and life to others is time consuming and when you’re done. You’re left wallowing in self-pity and criticism. Your day is spent unproductively and becomes downright depressing and if you’re like me that has quite a sassy voice in my head constantly reminding of all your flaws and how you’re a failure. Comparison stays a lot longer on your mind and you begin to question your purpose and if you’re even doing enough. With Social media in the mix, because comparison was a thing before social media cue in extended family and family friends who always want to ask and rub in their child’s success or theirs in your face, with social media we just have unbridled access to people’s life with just a click of an app. As if the real one wasn’t horrible enough.

So with all this Comparison traps everywhere in our lives and our phones and our mind constantly going in at us. Then comes the big question How then do we stop falling into the Comparison trap.

There’s no particular answer to that question but here are

9 surefire ways to stop comparing yourself to others

And live freely.

They’re more of them but these are some tips that have helped me shut the comparison cycle.

1. Practice Gratitude

We’re always quick to remember the times when things aren’t going our way or when we’re not in control of our situation but what if we paused. I know easier said than done and remember all our blessings even when we can’t see it immediately. One thing I’m learning and challenging myself to do daily is finding the gratitude in the mess.

For example. My family is being annoying. Instead of capitalizing on how annoying there i try to focus on being grateful for my family and doing this helps us appreciate every good thing we have even in the bad.

2. Focus on your strength

9 ways to stop the comparison cycle

3. Celebrate the small wins

Celebrating small wins is another way to curb the Comparison because it makes you to celebrate the progress you’re making. No matter how small they might be and i think that’s always a good idea when it comes to comparison. Celebrating your wins no matter how small they might be. So for instance when you’re starting a business, celebrate your first customer or reader or positive review you get. That will help you in the long run.

4. Learn to not compare your life to everyone’s highlight reel

Nowadays it’s so easy to compare yourself without waiting for the family dinners or be bumped into and be quizzed on how life is for you but now you see it before firsthand before then when it’s shared on their feeds , one thing I’m learning is that someone’s instagram post it’s not the full story but a highlight of their lives.

Someone's instagram highlight is not the full story. 

5. Take a social media Detox

If learning to compare yourself or life to other people’s highlight isn’t working then it’s okay to take a break from social media every now and then, personally i used to be so scared of taking a break off social media but when i was forced to i realized how peaceful it was. Social media Detox is the best because it forces you to live and enjoy life instead of wishing and comparing yourself to what people are sharing.

6. Learn to compete with yourself instead of others

There’s a quote that says your best competitor is the you of yesterday. When you compete with yourself. You’re pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself whether it’s picking up a new hobby every month or stepping out of your comfort zone very often or establishing a daily habit and routine or prioritizing you. All these are necessary in growth and in my opinion the best form of comparison.

9 ways to stop the comparison cycle

7. Volunteer

There’s always something magical about taking the lens from your eyes and seeing life through another persons. We can be so hard on ourselves and quick to cast judgement that we forget how blessed we are but volunteering reminds you of that. Talking with people also helps you do that. So wherever you know you can lend a hand don’t hesitate to help out.

8. Work on Improving Yourself

More on the 6th point. This is where you take that painting class you’ve always wanted, photography, learn a new language or read that Self-help book you’ve always wanted to read. Improving Yourself, being diverse and multi-dimensional as a person takes your mind off the whole comparison wheel when you have so much going on and you’re working on being better than yesterday.

And finally

9. Be present

This needs no explanation. Be present, enjoy the little things, go out into nature. Get out of the house and do something fun.

So I hope this tips helps you stop comparing yourself to others and instead live fully and enjoying life as we go instead of putting unnecessary pressures on ourselves. I know i needed this post but it’s okay to see people’s highlight and feel bummed and wish you had their lives but it makes you not see the awesome life you have and also it’s not fair to keep comparing yourself to others because you diminish the beauty and uniqueness of your journey just to please someone and what people think is how life should be lived. I’ve come to realize it’s not a one size fits all and because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s applicable to every single person.

And with That brings me to the end of this post.

Before you click out, what is one helpful tip you’ve used to stop the comparison cycle from happening?

Let me know in the comments below 👇

Until my next post

Stay safe and have a blessed week ❤

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