Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the worst things for me to do is write an about page , i can write anything but an about page. Not my jam but sadly it is necessary so here goes nothing.

Hello people of the internet and welcome to

Belle of all trade


A play on Jack/Jill of all trade, let’s face it. This name describes me perfectly. Now if you’ve been to this blog you’ll know changing my blog name is a necessity, hopefully this one sticks and i pray it does because i suck at coming up with anything name related and this blog just tells it all.

Now to give you a little brief of what this baby is about.

Belleofalltrade is a personal growth and opinion blog from a Christian perspective about my journey to self-development. So basically i read a self-help book and try to implement it in my life, going deeper and giving a honest review of what works and what doesn’t. I’m probably setting myself up but the student in me is super anxious to get started.

What to expect from the blog

  • Personal growth
  • A dash of my unsolicited opinions
  • Selflove and Selfcare
  • Gratitude
  • Relationships & Friendships, because it’s just as important

Now that’s done

Meet the Belle

Hey beautiful

My name is Dee and I’m so excited to have you in this corner of mine

I’m a 23 year old trying to navigate this thing called life and adulting while trying to work on myself. I try to figure out my life in the day time and on Tuesdays i publish a new blogpost.

I love all things Chocolate, discovering new music, hanging out with my small group of friends, having adventures, having deep and insightful conversations, rambling about a new find and of course being a couch potato whilst bingeing a new reality tv show or Youtube.

Where else to find me….

Now that all the introductions are done. Welcome to the blog